Priya Alagiri

Coming from a family of immigrants who entered the U.S. on a variety of visas, Ms. Alagiri has had a long-standing professional and personal interest in immigration law. After working at nationally recognized law firms, she decided to start up her own immigration law firm in order to have more direct and personalized impact on her clients.  She has lived and worked in India, China, South America, Africa and Europe.

Ms. Alagiri is an award winner in her field and has held leadership positions within the American Immigration Lawyers Association. In addition, she has written numerous articles and given multiple presentations on immigration.  She also serves as a mentor to other attorneys on immigration law cases. Ms. Alagiri attended Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania and The American University Law School in Washington, D.C., where she was on the Executive Editorial Board of The American University Law Review.

Ms. Alagiri exclusively practices U.S. immigration law and is licensed to practice U.S. immigration law in all 50 states.