Pablo Vittori

Experienced global executive-level professional involved in cutting edge technology ventures, leading multinational teams in Agile environments.

Today Pablo is the Managing Director for Gaming and Technology portfolio at Globant, overseeing the quality of delivery, new business opportunities and how Globant can help  top customers to deliver products that engage users. This  role was created after the strategic decision to bring focus and ownership to the gaming/tech vertical. Before that,  Pablo managed the Studio structure at Globant with 12 studios and Globers located around the world helping to drive and create the structure that supports a dynamic multicultural company that drives innovative implementation of software and product development practices in Fortune 500 clients. With projects running for top tier companies in different industries around the world. Is responsible of technology stack definition, staffing, training, people career and define the roadmap and strategies for the upcoming market trends.

Before joining Globant, Pablo was leader and manager in several international companies, founded two companies for Internet and Mobile application development and was CIO of one of the main Wireless Internet Services Providers in Argentina.